Saturday, November 15, 2014

Happy Halloween

We had a very relaxing, low key Halloween this year.  We went to a pumpkin farm in Winnie, TX the weekend before Halloween.  It had a hay ride, face painting, pumpkin bowling, corn maze, a big slide, and a big swing.  It is a much smaller scale pumpkin farm than the ones that we went to in Virginia but the girls had a great time regardless.
Both girls wanted unicorn face paintings - two years in a row.

I'm the queen of the tire tower!

Pumpkin bowling

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A true Texas pumpkin patch.  They ship in pumpkins and throw them on a field.

Molly truly enjoyed the pumpkin patch and slept the entire time!
Emma and Anna both wanted to be Michigan State cheerleaders this year and I was extremely happy with that decision.  It was super easy for me to pull together their cheerleading outfits (enter online shopping) and they could even use the outfits on game day which is an extra bonus.  Plus I have been wanting some cute updated pictures of them with their Michigan State outfits!  I must say that although I am a bit biased they made for some adorable cheerleaders.  Especially when they kept yelling "Go Green, Go White!"
Anna was beyond excited to dress up for school as a MSU cheerleader!

Decorating cookies at her school party.

Could they be any cuter??

Even training Molly to be a Spartan fan.

Molly's bunny costume (that was Emma's when she was a baby).  She wore it for about 30 minutes and called it a night.
We went trick or treating in our neighborhood.  Jay and Molly came for a little bit and then they headed home to hand out candy.  The girls were troopers and walked a long way and had a great time.  This was the first year that I didn't have to walk up to each door with Anna and it was a quick reminder of how big they are getting!  I have to say my little heart melted every time I heard them yell "Trick or Treat" and then a big "Thank You!"  I can remember taking Emma to see our neighbors when she was a baby and couldn't even talk yet.  How have they gotten so old???

This little video of Anna melts my heart!  She is singing "Five Little Pumpkins" and I don't ever want to forget how she pronounces "punkins".  She has come such a long way with her speech and I am so proud of her, but as she is getting better she keeps losing those wrong pronunciations that are so endearing.

Here is a little video of Jay on the big swing with Emma and Anna at the pumpkin farm.  The girls loved it, but safety was a bit questionable!  

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  1. such short skirts who knows what's been under them and inside these little sluts?!